Project account opened at the King Baudouin Foundation!!!

HURRAY! For all those who want to donate to this charity, and would like to receive a tax deduction (for donations as from 40 euros): the time is now, the King Baudouin Foundation has granted the project Robur at The Oak a temporary project account!

The King Baudouin Foundation supports this project. All gifts made to the Foundation are tax deductible as from 40 € (art. 145/33 WIB)”

Please make your donation to the project account L83056, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation on King Baudouin Foundation’s account BE10 0000 0000 0404, BIC: BPOTBEB1 with following reference: 128/3056/00043.

Important: donations via the KBF can only serve to finish the building, not for operating the not-for-profit organization! If you want to support the organization’s operation, you can go to the organization’s own bank account, see under “I want to help” > “Support”.

After all, a lot of financial resources are still needed for the logistics around the building; especially the FOOD for the many volunteers is a big concern for me. Every week I need around 100 to 150 euros to feed all those mouths. However, this cannot be done through the project account at the King Baudouin Foundation, it can only be done through the charity’s own account number, IBAN: BE82 5230 8087 7968, BIC / SWIFT: TRIOBEBB, or via the website (see under “English” > “I want to help”> “Support “).

In the past year, there have not been many donations (yet). This is partly because I do not have the time to target people, companies and organizations. I’m mainly building Robur – with everything that comes with it – and making sure that whoever helps can experience an unforgettable time.

And until now there has always been enough, construction continues! The project apparently always gets all it needs at the right time. And I trust that things continue like that; so if you feel called to support, with or without the possibility of a tax deduction, do not hold back, it is probably ‘the right time’… THANK YOU, on behalf of the project and all the volunteers!
And come over and have a look at (and think along with!) what happens to your donation!

Volunteers mid-June
Gems of volunteers – these are the mid-June ones: Johanna and Jens (Germany), Natalia (Brasil), Candela (Argentina), Anne (Belgium), Yvonne (Mexico), Francisca (Chile), Dominic (Belgium), Federico (Brasil), Bianca (Brasil), Marianne (The Netherlands)

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