Golden volunteers, and some more wealth

So much, so much has happened, the past months – so much that again I didn’t have time for a newsletter. Thank you for your patience! ­čÖé You will be rewarded with lots of photos…

Golden volunteers

Since April, there have continuously been three to eleven volunteers at The Oak from all over the world. I myself am the only permanent volunteer, the rest usually stays between one and five weeks. In addition to being a big energy eater, the organising of all the volunteering is also an invaluable blessing. Without my volunteers, NO Robur, and you can take that very literally! I am very grateful to them and the Friendly Universe (and its internet :-)) that all this is possible!

A few calls, a festival in Camping De Lilse Bergen, close by, and look: enough tents, air mattresses, sleeping bags, sheets and regular mattresses, even a bunk bed and slatted bases for the many volunteers, from Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Singapore, France, England, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Canada, Ireland, Israel … I can’t travel myself, but instead the whole world comes to The Oak, and that is very special! I find it even more special that all those volunteers, who constantly come and go, almost always form a very beautiful, close-knit group with a blissful energy.
That really keeps me going, it protects me, as it were, from getting a burnout…

Just like the people who want to drive with me when I have to get groceries. Or who offer to help in many other ways. Or even just give me things, really things for myself, such as a visit to the osteopath or a pedicure that comes at your house…
Then you can’t help but feel happy and supported and grateful, right? And know that what you’re doing is right, right now in your life…



It strikes me that there are more and more visitors coming to The Oak, beloved acquaintances and noble strangers. The beautiful article in the Gazet van Antwerpen (big Antwerp newspaper) on July 31 also helped, but not quite that much. It’s something that grows slowly, as it should.

-2018-07-31 Artikel in Gazet van Antwerpen

You are always welcome to have a look, it’s a matter of setting a date!

Most striking milestones

8/17, Robur is closed!

9/3, there is internet now!

9/4, FOG places the interior doors, made from the rough pine that stood on the spot where Robur is now!

-f07 - ROBUR - de binnendeuren

9/15, the heat pump works, Robur is heated!
In between also some plumbing and electricity works

9/16, the mosaics are applied! (That is now almost finished…)


9/20, FOG finishes the outer shell!

-f001 - ROBUR - Faramir werkt berghokken af

9/28, starting the rendering, of course with a natural lime plaster! (That will continue for a while…)

10/9, FOG starts with the kitchen unit!

And here some more creative details (also still continuing!)…

In short, Robur is becoming more and more readier! ­čÖé

The financial side

I need advice, tips and above all a lot of time (which I don’t have) to distribute information about the project and at the same time ask for financial support. To have a temporary account number at the King Baudouin Foundation is one thing, but to receive donations is another… Since June, three donations have been received. Also hardly any donations come in on the account of the non-profit organisation itself. People seem to think that a small amount is not worthwhile, or is shameful… But if a lot of people give a small amount, the project comes a long way! And by the way, a euro is a euro, hey, that’s also money…
So, just a few gifts. Yet I keep getting the resources that are needed at any given time. E.g., after half a year the promised subsidy for the heat pump┬áfinally arrived – just in time to pay a few large bills…
The request as ‘charity’ for The Warmest Week has not been granted, but I am sure there is a good reason for that, so I am very thankful anyway!
If you want to make a financial contribution to the project, you will find many ways via the Support page on the website!


I have also started to attend networking events on Nature and Health / burnout, to make Robur at The Oak better known to psychiatrists and other doctors, psychologists, therapists, coaches and other health workers / caregivers. After all, they will be the people to work with as soon as Robur is finished!

And of course there are also the artists and writers! But they will naturally find their way to The Oak… ­čÖé In December I’ll attend the annual VAV Work Congress again (VAV = Flemish Authors Association).

So you’re completely updated again – and the fall has come at The Oak…

-f200 - de herfst breekt aan

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