Dived into the new year

Dear friends and other sympathizers, let’s start right away with the progress of Robur, because the previous real update dates back to October 12…

October 30 was a milestone: for the first time there was ‘automatically’ hot water, heated by the heat pump, and it came out of the tap of Robur’s outdoor shower! As there was a piece missing that didn’t arrive on the spot immediately, the outdoor shower (with a provisional shower cabin) was only put into use at the end of November. Better late than never!

In November, Faramir (FOG) continued to work on the kitchen furniture and Getena‘s sympathetic professionals came and measured the kitchen counter. Two weeks later the placement followed, so that the kitchen already looked like a kitchen at the Ecobuilders Open House Days.
Fantastic! It’s SO beautiful… Kitchen furniture made of the trees that stood here, with a natural stone top…

01b keukenkast

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Also the sink cabinets in the bedrooms and bathroom grew organically and at the beginning of December they received their stone tops, with the washbasins from petrified wood that’s millions of years old. What a special, ancient energy… a pure and purifying blessing…

We filled up some more tiny holes and spaces with hempcrete until we ran out of lime (the very last parts are for after winter). The mosaic work also continued to grow. This spring it will be finished, so that the plastering can really start.

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The pieces of open wall on top of the mezzanine got closed, thanks to the sympathetic help of Pascal, who lives nomadic just like me and likes the project.

There was a lot of interest for the Ecobuilders Open House Days. Wolf Jordan was available throughout the weekend for an ever passionate explanation about history, use and characteristics of hempcrete, lime plaster and lime paints.
(Photos: Courtesy of Anne Martine Humblet)

In December, time and energy went mainly into getting The Oak ready for winter – a gigantic work: almost all of the outdoor infrastructure was dismantled and stored in Robur.
This outdoor infrastructure will all be built up again from Fri. 29 to Sun. 31 March, probably for the last year. I’ll be very happy with your help, because there won’t be any volunteers yet. Once you are sure that you want and can come and help, let me know, that works reassuringly. 🙂 Thanks a lot!

In the coming year, too, much time will be spent on cleaning the woodwork that hasn’t been sufficiently protected during hempcreting. The fine nutrient lime that we use enters deep into every pore of the wood, also where this was not intended. Numerous volunteers have been cleaning ‘in between’ the last few months to get it out of the wood, and it’s not at all finished yet!

The networking moments provide surprising contacts, including some care providers (doctors, coaches, etc.) who are open to support and cooperate in one way or another, and as a large immediate gift: a physiotherapist with a company that develops ergonomic sleep systems will donate custom made beds for Robur! After all, people with burnout need a good night’s sleep. Pascal Mannekens wants to take care of this with Bedking-Ergopolis.

And that’s how I end up at the end of the overview. While The Oak and thus the physical work is in hibernation, the virtual work is stepping up a gear: updating the website as well as possible (comments, help and tips always welcome!), preparing the General Assembly of the non-profit organization, making the project known a bit more in the caretaking sector and among artists / writers, preparing the works of the coming construction season (including lighting and green roof), finding financial means (every little bit helps!), organizing the Workshop Tadelakt taking place at the beginning of April, following up on the volunteers’ applications, and yes, keeping myself going as well.

With your help I can! 🙂

01 grote oranje bekerpaddenstoel

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