Back on track again!

What a blessing it is to be able to count on so many helping hands in this project! How supported is it!

Outdoor infrastructure

This became apparent again in the weekend of March 28, when ten old and new friends joined forces to prepare the outdoor infrastructure for the new construction and volunteers season.

The acclaimed Lazy Lounge was professionally (and as level as possible!) rebuilt and furniture was moved from Robur to the lounge. Ready to be a cozy place for the volunteers for the rest of the year!
The big tarp at the Technical Toko was put up again, including the Smokers’ Space, for the unrepentant ones among us. 🙂

The reconstruction of the Kosher Kitchen was a big job, just like the next phase in the construction of the roof above this gorgeous outdoor kitchen.
It took me a few more days to put the kitchen gear back in place, but I was more than happy that the younger generations had already done all the heavy lifting and cleaning – with many thanks! 🙂

Tree caretaker Sam cut down three dead pines. Their wood can at least partially still serve for the further construction of the outdoor kitchen roof and other things!

On April 5, the first day of our Tadelakt Atelier, a film crew (director, assistant director, cameraman, etc.) made extensive practical arrangements for filming a few scenes for a Flemish full-length film. If all goes well, the recordings will take place on May 6, with preparations on May 3. To be clear: Robur will not come into the picture, but a part of the outdoor infrastructure will.


It yields a nice feeling that more and more people are discovering The Oak. Occasionally they’ll even get in touch to ask if Robur is available yet! And yes, depending on what the purpose is, sometimes he already is.

And then there was the Tadelakt Workshop…

… from 5 to 7 April. I let the images speak, also in the form of short slide shows and a few videos.
The shower is being worked on here:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the meantime, Wolf is applying a different process to the wash basins in the bathrooms and bedrooms…

… and in the kitchen…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also the work on the mirror mosaics continued:

Both during the ‘reconstruction weekend’ and the Tadelakt Workshop, friends enthusiastically took care of the hungry and eager stomachs. And we were lucky with the weather, on both weekends!

And what’s next?

The first international volunteers will arrive from 23 April on, then we’ll start again for real! In the coming months we’ll finish all so we can plaster without any problems in the first two weeks of August. Perhaps we’ll do that in the form of a Workshop; in that case it will be announced in the Calendar. The finishing of the floor is planned for some time in October – also a Workshop?
In the meantime I’m busy requesting offers for the green roof. So something is moving at that height, too!

On 1 May, the unbelievably sympathetic team of the “30 days without complaining” campaign will celebrate and seal the closing day of “Choose Positively – more days without complaining” (and here you’ll find Robur at The Oak as a charity on their website) with a day of volunteering at The Oak. Sign up with me or with them and come join us!

The caregivers who consider including Robur at The Oak in their activities and sessions as soon as Robur is available are welcome on May 11 between 10.30 am and 12.30 pm for an open-house moment and some brainstorming with me and their colleagues about the possibilities of this place.

And a friend-musician is going to give a benefit concert with another friend-musician at The Oak! Keep the (probable) date free: June 22! As soon as there is more information, this activity will also appear in the Calendar.

And so…

… you’ve been updated again with the ins and outs of The Oak. Heartfelt Thank You for your indispensable support!
If you want to come and have a look (and possibly participate), don’t wait too long – because if everything goes well, this will be the last year that you can ‘just’ come to The Oak…

Robur at The Oak wishes you all a Happy Easter!


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