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Important note: The English website won’t be updated anymore, because at some point it will disappear. Google Translate (or other translators) has become good enough to interpret websites in foreign languages. The Newsletter will continue to appear in English as long as the English website is online. When it goes offline interested subscribers can move to the Flemish website and subscribe to the Newsletter there. You will be updated when this change is about to happen.
In this Newsletter the links are Flemish already, because the content of the pages has recently changed too much (as only the Flemish website is being updated).

Next phase in sight!

In the meantime, it is quite clear: exactly as it was intended, Robur is slowly shifting in the next growth phase, from ‘building up’ (Robur itself) to ‘building out’ (the non-profit organization Robur at The Oak).
At the moment there have been two very supportive and inspiring meetings of care providers who want to work together for this purpose. A core group and a support group have formed out of these meetings, in order for the operation to always remain transparent and with more continuity. The core group will give content and structure to the non-profit organization, the support group will provide feedback.

-hulpverleners (foto AnneMartine Humblet)
Second meeting of the interested care providers (photo: Anne Martine Humblet)


Collaboration with care providers covers the entire spectrum from “sending clients to stay for a few weeks / months in Robur” (with or without their own counselors) to “taking over the entire non-profit organization and building it up at their own discretion” (of course according to the statutes). Somewhere in between there is, for example, “setting up and giving prevention programs for companies” (with Robur at The Oak being the location).
In fact, for me as the initiator and inspirator of this project, it can go ALL directions at the moment. I am not a burn-out coach myself, so I think it is important that trained care providers who can contribute to coping with the burn-out problem can indicate what they think is most appropriate in the field. In this way, the non-profit organization will get its content naturally, especially with regard to burn-out.

By the way, everything that has to do with (re)connection and works through rest, nature, healing or creativity can find a place at The Oak and even in the non-profit organization – because those are important aspects in burn-out prevention. After all, Robur at The Oak is “A place of Connection” for a reason.

We are all very curious about how this seed will bloom and grow into a deep-rooted, wide-branched oak that many people can hide under (and in) …

The past benefit weekend

On 22 and 23 June there were a few small-scale, cozy activities on and around The Oak, where you could contribute as a sympathizer (see Calendar, Dutch only – use a translator!).
At the peak Saturday night there were almost thirty people, the weather was wonderful, the atmosphere too – everything fitted together perfectly. Thank you, Durnez T&T and dear audience! And I like to give a big compliment to the volunteers of that moment, who cheerfully and kindly took care of the meals and the drinks.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On Sunday we hiked around the Warande lake, unfortunately without the forest ranger, who could not come due to illness. The afternoon was concluded with a cheerful mini-concert by Tsjoedi (of which I unfortunately have no photos).

After deducting the costs, the weekend raised around 370 euros. Of course you can still support, that is now more than ever necessary to really finish Robur! (For amounts of more than 40 euros and when you pay taxes in Belgium you can still go to the temporary project account with the King Baudouin Foundation until the end of this year.)
I also want to take a stand here for the 1-euro Campaign, in which only two people are currently participating (thank you!). If you have a warm heart for Robur at The Oak and you are not particularly wealthy, then this may be your way of supporting – because many little ones make a big one…


One of the volunteers at The Oak will be working on the structure of the website in the coming months, thanks! Hopefully everything will be clearer and clearer, with fewer repetitions. Of course feedback is always welcome!

And Robur?

Sure, the work continues in Robur. Especially the carpenter, Faramir (FOG), is doing his thing there. This time, for example, he worked on the frames of the interior doors.

Roburs work table (for artists) in the making is itself a work of art:

Barked, polished and oiled oak branches form the fixture for lighting in the kitchen and in one of the bedrooms.

-takken verlichting

Furthermore, a ventilation system is still being worked on, so that the EPB fine can still be lowered:

-Elger - ventilatiesysteem

Of course we will come up with an elegant solution to hide those tubes, we have been creative with Robur before! 🙂

The rainwater drainage at the back of Robur also received the necessary follow-up.

First we removed the plants that have grown spontaneously over the past year and a half, and then we dug out ‘ditches’ for the drainage pipes, embedded between recycled strips of corrugated sheets. We want to get everything done before it starts raining again – and there is still some work to be done! Help welcome, especially this week, because The Oak now has only one volunteer for a while…

If everything goes as planned, the lime plaster will be applied in the week of 5 August. Hopefully by then we will be done with all the necessary preparations!

Finally a look back …

On May 1, the Choose Positively – more days without complaining team (the successor of the successful “30 days without complaining” campaign from last year) was happy to roll up their sleeves for charity! They managed to oil almost the entire facade (wooden shingles) in a matter of hours. This will be necessary a few more times, until the wood is sufficiently saturated.

On May 6, two scenes were recorded at The Oak for the Flemish-Dutch full-length film ” Kom hier dat ik u kus” (“Come here, that I kiss you”), after a book by Griet Op de Beeck.


And so you are updated again about the ins and outs of Robur at The Oak!

-Dream Team (foto Anne Martine Humblet)
Dream Team for a week or two! (photo: Anne Martine Humblet)

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