The finishing phase has begun!

*** Important note: The English website won’t be updated anymore, because at some point it will disappear. Google Translate and other translators have become good enough to interpret websites in foreign languages. Only the Newsletter will continue to appear in English as long as the English website is online. When it goes offline interested subscribers can move to the Flemish website and subscribe to the Newsletter there. You will be updated when this change is about to happen.
Thanks for your understanding!***

Preparing for the Workshop

Faramir and Aragorn are working hard to get all the furniture that is against walls to be finished on time, because they will organically be plastered in.

The preparatory electricity works and the last mosaics are also finished, with love and patience ;-).

Then emptying Robur…

5 P1050277 - directe voorb. Atelier - Robur leeghalen

… and then for five days:

The Lime Plastering Workshop!

First explaining and practicing, with Miel and Wolf…

… then the practice… (video only in Flemish/Dutch)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

… and the result after five days!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s not all done yet, there is still about a fourth of the walls to do. It is also quite a meticulous job, if done in an organically built hobbit house.
Many thanks to the enthusiastic team of students, and teachers Miel and Wolf!

Ventilation and insulation

A great deal of work is still being done on ventilation and additional insulation in order to reduce the EPB fine as much as possible.

1 P10501051 P1050068 - ventilatie & isolatie

Rainwater drainage

We also started the rainwater drainage behind Robur, but that’s rather difficult, as there are no longer any foreign volunteers (meaning people who are specifically looking for projects becaue they have time) and I cannot do the physically heavy work myself. So for now it remains half finished and partly washed away by the many downpours.

Helpers mailinglist

Robur at The Oak is especially looking for one day helpers or people who would stay longer and have stayed at The Oak before so who are familiar with the habits.

You can be included in a personal mailing list (only in Flemish/Dutch though) without any obligation (just contact Marieke), and you will receive an e-mail from time to time with the concrete jobs that need to be done. And if you are meticulous, patient, meditative (or willing to practise those skills), you are especially wanted! 🙂
But also for the more rough jobs a lot of helping hands are still needed.

If you feel called to come and help, be welcome! Robur can only be finished thanks to many, many hearts and hands…

Thank you for your support, in your way!

0 P1050113 - bloemen

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