Autumn, and Robur continues to grow. Yes, he does.

Autumn has undeniably come into the country. But we’re not idle at The Oak!


The apple auction

The apple auction of 14 September in the Droomgaard (“Dream Orchard”) of dr. Eric Boydens raised about 150 euros to benefit Robur at The Oak, and maybe some more will be added. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but if a lot of little ones (please use Google Translate) come in, it will become a lot! Every bit helps!

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Plastering and insulating

There has still been a lot of plastering, now only finishes are left, but that is quite a bit of work because we pay a lot of attention to the mosaics, the decorations with pieces of mirror and the glass of the colored bottles. They really have to be clear. So if you like to do meditative fiddling work of which you can see the result, take the opportunity! 🙂
Insulation and ventilation have also been finished, and a ‘test blower door test’ showed the defects that we are going to solve in the coming period. Fortunately for me, the EPB report does not have to be made up within six months anymore after the expiry of the building permit, but only within one year. That gives us the much needed breathing space!


Recently published: Photo story

The photo story by photographer Hans and copywriter Bernadet is finished! How beautiful it has turned out… You can find it here (Hans Stockmans) and here (Bernadet Wehenkel) (only in Dutch, though). If you find it equally inspiring, would you think about spreading it? Then even more people can enjoy it!

Sunday, November 3: Silent walk

There is no need to ALWAYS work. On Sunday, November 3, a guided two-hour silent walk will take place at 10 am, departing and arriving at The Oak, with the possibility to catch up after a walk with a self-brought lunch, to meet new people and to explore Robur (I’ll answer all your questions! :-)). You can leave at any time, for those present Robur at The Oak will remain ‘open’ that afternoon.
Registration is not necessary, but it is nice to know how much coffee, tea, etc. we need to take care of, and also, if we know who’s coming we can take into account people who are later due to circumstances, or for possible carpooling.
With the information on the contact page you can state your name and place of residence (for possible carpooling) by 25 October at the latest, preferably by e-mail.


Saturdays 9 and 16 November: Ecobuilders Open House at The Oak…

… and if it goes like last year, you have to be quick if you want to be there, because the available places fill up quickly!
“Last year Wolf Jordan was present, expert in building with hempcrete; this year Miel Daniëls from DaServ!cio will speak to you, the eco-contractor that is helping to finish Robur in collaboration with Wolf Jordan and volunteers.”

Always: specialized and other help needed

Not everything is always that easy. Occasionally you come across things in a construction that you just don’t get solved, or that just go wrong and require a quick solution. This also applies to The Oak.

We suspect mice (and hopefully no longhorn beetles!) have taken up residence inside the roof. No idea how they get in, it’s known they don’t need a big hole to do so. What to do about that? Any ideas?

And there is a leak at the back of Robur, in the storage room. Every time it rains heavily (often, lately), the storage area gets seriously wet, the water enters somewhere down there. Something must be done about this, but we need to first discover what causes that leak… If you as an expert feel called to come and make a diagnosis, please! Part of the heap of soil behind Robur will probably have to be dug away to be able to restore it… And whether THAT could be done before winter is very much the question.
So if there are young, strong men and women who like to help with that, please call me immediately to arrange when you can come!

List of works…

In any case, there is a great need for volunteers who want to come and help for one or more days. Also very much like people who can do ‘heavy work’ (such as excavation). You don’t have to do that all the time, right! 🙂
Here (please use Google Translate) you will find a list of works, so you immediately have a clue. You can also sign up for the ‘The Oak’ mailing list (only in Dutch – signing up best by e-mail), so that you can come and help in specific cases if that happens by chance.
And you may also try to involve friends and acquaintances: The more people, the more joy!

For a woman of almost 60, it is no longer obvious to do all that work alone. To be honest, that doesn’t work at all… Every (half) day that someone comes to help means a world of difference for the project and for me.
Yet EVERY form of help is greatly appreciated (including much-needed financial support!).
And if I can do something for you in return, you should definitely alert me to that!

The beautiful oak window sills have now also been placed and finished.
Cliffhanger: another important part of Robur will be tackled very soon! Keep an eye on us! 🙂

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