Robur’s Purpose

Robur’s Purpose

“What is Robur’s purpose?”

From our own unique personal lives, we all observe the rat race in our society, and we all know that there are people who are glad to get out of it occasionally, to find some peace and quiet. It is a blessing NOT to have to achieve anything and to be cured of the whirlwind of confusion…
Nature itself plays a big part in finding that peace and healing.

Robur wants to be part of that healing process, in a very small scale and modest way..

In the quiet of being alone, you are challenged to meet yourself.

At The Oak people can meet one another and find comfort and strength in these moments of sharing. As a meeting place, The Oak and Robur serve the wellbeing of many people and they support the web of connectedness.

In addition, Robur wants to be a temporary space where artists can do their thing: finally write that book, finally finish that CD, etc. Creativity is a special need in life, linked to peace, nature and healing.