Staying updated

Staying updated

“Can I follow the developments at The Oak?”


Yes, sure, the more souls, the more joy! 🙂

There is, in addition to this website in development, a private Facebook group, “Robur op Den Eik / Robur at The Oak“, of which you can become a member and where you can follow closely what is happening on site. Be welcome! And when you’re on Facebook, check out the creative page “Zwervende Eik / Wandering Oak” if you feel like it.

Gradually, this website, which is accessible to everyone (including non-Facebook users), will be the digital home of the not-for-profit organisation Robur at The Oak, and it will take over the function of the Facebook group for the most part.

Robur even has a Twitter account! But as you could imagine, there is not a lot posted there… 🙂 Of course you are welcome to follow Robur via Twitter anyway!

If you do not want to miss any news, you can subscribe to the Newsletter. You can find that option in the margin to the right.

There is also the possibility to have your e-mail address included in a mailing list. Then you will be personally informed of what will happen at The Oak in the near future. Also for questions, comments or a personal contact you just go to the contact page, where you can also post in the Guestbook!

And of course you are very welcome at The Oak to see the progress with your own eyes!