Privacy (GDPR compliance)


The non-profit association Robur at The Oak is a very personally designed project, which many people are building up. This is only possible if there is mutual trust. That is why the association carefully handles the personal data that you provide to it.
Unless the association has your written permission, it will not pass on any personal data to third parties (unless it is legally obliged to do so). The association will certainly not sell any data.

Personal data are those data that allow the non-profit association to identify you as a person. This concerns your name, address, telephone number, email address, …

The processing of personal data by the non-profit association Robur at The Oak is subject to Belgian and European legislation regarding privacy and protection of personal data.

Collection, registration and processing of data

The non-profit association Robur at The Oak collects, registers and processes data from participants in everything organized by the association, from volunteering to activities, and also from readers of the newsletter.
Your information makes it possible for the non-profit association to contact you in the context of your relation with the non-profit organization, whatever that relation is. The association does not use your data to provide you with information that has nothing to do with that relation.

If you participate in a group activity, the non-profit association collects your contact details and keeps them as long as the activity is running, so that all participants can be notified if anything changes to the original schedule. Afterwards, your contact details are only retained if you choose so. The rest is erased.

Readers of the newsletter: the newsletter provider keeps only the email address of who subscribes to the newsletter via the website. The non-profit association does not ask for any personal data. After unsubscribing, the email address is automatically removed from the mailing list.

Use of your data

The non-profit association Robur at The Oak only collects the data that are necessary to be able to deliver its services quickly and correctly. The association assumes that you provide it the correct information. If you give it wrong information, the association is not liable for the fact that it cannot perform its services.

Protection of your data

In accordance with European and Belgian legislation the non-profit association Robur at The Oak does everything it can to protect your data and prevent others from getting your data unlawfully.

Access and correction of data

If desired, you can request the data that the non-profit association Robur at The Oak keeps from you. You can also ask the association to delete or change your data. For that you should send the association an e-mail.