About Robur

This is the adventure of making a dream come true. The coming-to-life of Robur at The Oak (Antwerp, Belgium). A healing, ecological place in the forest. A place to escape the rat race of this world, to spend time on what is really important in our unique lives. The (re)discovery of our true self. A place to search and to receive what we need at this moment. To shine our hidden light in our darkness.

If we take good care of ourselves , we can go back to our own place feeling strengthened, and take better care of our family, our work and our society.

Looking at it in this way, Robur at The Oak can have a much bigger impact on society than you would expect from a small scale project! A place that restores and enhances the ever-present connection between all living things. Connecting with yourself is connecting with everything and everyone… That is our contribution to a society that we care for deeply. Under all of our cynicism, this society is as vulnerable as every separate individual that exists in it.

And as strong.

The not-for-profit association Robur at The Oak is convinced that one of the most important underlying causes of modern western ‘well-being’ diseases can be found in our deep disconnection of nature. Who in the western world still knows how to survive in nature and even thrive in it? And we are part of nature! So in fact we are deeply disconnected from ourselves.
Another consequence of this disconnection is the way we have developed an ‘infinite growth’ economy, without respect for natural cycles or balances. No wonder the planet is getting exhausted!
And no wonder we are depressed and burned out…
We harvest what we sow.

Robur at The Oak wants to help connect to nature and to ourselves again, in a small-scale setting, in order to continue what begins slowly: a new and connecting way of thinking that can lead us to a more humane and natural society.

The house carries the name Robur, from Quercus robur, pedunculate oak.
And it takes time to become strong.
Like an oak.

Target Audience
A non-profit organisation since February 22, 2017, Robur at The Oak is meant to be a healing place for:

– people recovering from burnout or people close to getting burned out, for (preventing burnout can be organised in cooperation with companies/employers, and for independent entrepreneurs!)

– people who have been through an acute situation, and need to be away from their own surroundings for a while

– people in need of some quiet time, especially highly sensitive people (HSP)

writers/artists who are looking for a quiet place in nature to focus on their project

– small groups of friends who want to work on (physical, spiritual or psychological) image007_homehealing, amongst themselves or with a facilitator

– to experience The Work of Byron Katie, EFT (tapping) etc. on request /in workshops

– meetings in the Red Tent (and other women’s circles) and men’s circles, because these have a strong connecting and healing effect, originate from ancient tribal traditions and don’t get so much attention in our individualistic society

– to sing together, laugh, share and be quiet around the central Fireplace

– space for small lectures and mini-workshops by and for people who wish to grow and share in peace, nature, healing and creativity

– healing and ecological ideas: Robur at The Oak aims to be a creative hub

– …

Put briefly, Robur at The Oak aims to restore our wholeness by offering Nature, Rest, Healing and Creativity. CONNECTION is the keyword: to connect is to Relate – and that is love.
How the project will develop in the coming years is part of this adventure. One thing is clear: it grows organically, like nature.

You will find the mysterious story of the origin and evolution of Robur at The Oak here.