Robur’s Role

People have a strong self healing power,
Robur and The Oak help them make contact with that power.”

Robur’s role

“So how do you see that calming and healing role of Robur’s?”

Anything that has to do with ‘rest’ and ‘healing’ and that is individual or small scale, may find a temporary home in Robur and at The Oak. First and foremost, we have people in mind who have practically completely burned up or who are recovering from a burn-out or who need to leave their own familiar home for a while to recover and find themselves again. Prevention of burn-out is important to us too!
In the short term, the not for profit organisation may offer full programmes, depending on the needs and demand.

Robur also offers space for mini-workshops for eight tot ten people at the most (with a possibility to camp overnight) or a temporary stay for an author/artist who needs rest for a few weeks or months (artist in residence). The possibilities are endless: a space for a silent retreat, a ‘red tent’ space for women, women’s and men’s circles, a playful hotbed for all sorts of ideas that support our new age, …


The central fireplace, both in Robur and outside at The Oak, connects and warms this peacegiving and healing environment. The community that it engenders does not physically live in The Oak. It is a community of the heart, and thanks to the digital possibilities of our times a supportive communication and lasting contact is always possible.
Carried by many, Robur will grow thanks to the input of many.