To finish off with

To finish off with

Marieke: “When Robur at The Oak had just started I read something by Byron Katie that touched me deeply: ‘When you are confident in your own abilities and love who you are, you don’t have to compare yourself with others. What you do, how you live, comes straight from the heart. That’s the true leader: the one who loves what he or she does, who doesn’t look to the right or the left, but straight ahead. That’s the leader for all of us to follow. In one way or another, our life is always about service. ‘How can I help?’ For me, that’s the natural way, like breathing. And in an organization, it means that everyone is free. They’re totally invested in the company’s success. Everyone thinks they own the company, and they do! It’s all about serving people. It becomes our only job. Making money is secondary; the job is never about that. People who love what they do support everyone around them, all the time. It’s not necessarily intentional. It comes naturally from their passion for their work. That’s what leadership is all about. It’s a natural and fearless act to support other human beings. Notice how it feels when you withhold yourself. It’s constricting. It doesn’t feel good. A fearless life—that’s our birthright. With fear in your mind, you don’t think clearly. The more you free yourself of your fears, the less stress you feel, the more productive you are. You don’t put your energy into self-defense or self-protection. So you have a lot more energy available. And you can sleep at night, because you’ve worked well, not because you’re exhausted from your stress.‘   –Byron Katie


Of course that ALSO has to do with the realization of Robur! The freer I myself am as keeper and ‘facilitator’, the more Robur is made possible! What a healing potential is in that! The more I heal myself, the more tangible Robur becomes… who in turn serves to carry out the agenda of my soul: to experience healing and mildness in this world, in respect for Mother Earth…


And I suddenly realise that others who get involved are also healed! What a wonderful experience… What is Robur at The Oak worth to go for! “