Hobbit house Robur – Prehistory

Hobbit house Robur


“What kind of dream-project is this that you are asking me for my support for? And why is it called ‘Robur at The Oak’?'”

The woods Marieke’s father and grandfather passed on to her in 2011 seemed destined for this project. She christened it The Oak. That perfectly matches her soulname: Wandering Oak. Robur, the name of the hobbitlike house, comes from Quercus robur, the scientific name for common oak.

The name Robur has the energy of the place in it: robustly supporting and sheltering both at the same time…

Later, Marieke who leads a nomadic life herself discovered that ‘Robur’ is also the name of a type of mobile home! Coincidence?

Marieke almost immediately knew what Robur would look like, how he wanted to be built as organically and sustainably possible, she saw what cosiness and peace he would radiate. And fun! You come to The Oak pure for pleasure, not to achieve, although that is not forbidden of course.

Marieke turns out not to be the owner but the ‘keeper’ of The Oak. With her came a number of people who are also prepared to become the ‘facilitator’, the coach, the ‘enabler’ of Robur.

Here is the full story of the emergence and evolution of Robur at The Oak.


And below you will find some videos of the past years, made by willing volunteers
(videos are English subtitled):