Workshop Tadelakt



Robur at The Oak organizes in cooperation with Wolf Jordan:




How do you completely waterproof an ecologically built and organically shaped shower space?
How do you provide extra splash protection to the washbasins and the kitchen sink?

What is tadelakt?

Tadelakt is a natural plaster material based on lime. It was originally used by Moroccan Berbers to plaster the walls of bathhouses. The word ‘tadelakt’ literally means ‘to rub in’. The plaster material is applied to the wall and then polished in a traditional way with a special polishing stone and later rubbed in with olive oil soap. This makes the material waterproof and looking similar to marble. The plastering of the wall with tadelakt is a labor-intensive job that requires a lot of craftsmanship.
A very interesting and thorough article about tadelakt can be found here.

JOIN the Workshop, add your unique energy to the silence house Robur and gain experience in the use of tadelakt and other ecological building materials!

What: We are going to finish the walk-in shower. We’ll prepare the surface and learn how to do that.
We’ll apply the tadelakt and learn the finish, polishing the tadelakt and treating it with soap and wax until it highly glosses.
Extra: we also learn a simplified system, which works much faster and amply meets the standards for areas that don’t need to be fully waterproof, such as the walls around washbasins.

When: Friday 5, Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 April 2019 – you participate for the three days all together, or for one or two days.
Fri.-Sat.: 10 am – 7 pm
Sun.: 10 am – 6 pm

Teacher: Wolf Jordan

Maximum number of participants: 8 per day

Price: 75 euros per day, hot lunch included.
For the three days: 200 euro (= 25 euro discount).
If you also want a hot dinner, you pay 10 euros extra per evening meal.
You may also bring your own meal(s)!

Lodging: back-to-basics lodging + breakfast possible (both for a free contribution), in your own tent, or for a limited number of people in a common space.

Registration: Register by writing an email to Marieke!
Your registration is final and your place is reserved if you have transferred the amount due to the account of the non-profit organization:
Robur at Den Eik vzw
IBAN: BE82 5230 8087 7968
Notification: name / names participant (s) + number of days + number of evening meals à € 10